10 Ways Consumers are Often Duped

1426668267123Have you ever made a purchase and eventually regretted it because you felt like you were ripped off?  Well, you are not alone.  I have had the feeling too.  My friend sent me this informative article that gives helpful tips to prevent that ripped off feeling.

Who Has the Best Rewards Program: CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens?‏

Just about every retailer has some type of incentive program to make you a repeat customer. The top three drugstores, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are no exception. It is often difficult to navigate through all the fine print to find out which store gives you the most bang for your buck. I created this chart to help make the task easier.  My favorite of the three is CVS (see rankings below).


1. CVS
This store gets my vote for having the best program. Not for prescription purchases, but for all the other items they sell. Some of my reasons include:

  • The instant savings (ExtraBucks) you earn by purchasing certain items.
  • The Coupon Center that prints out coupons that you can combine with manufacturer coupons and ExtraBucks.
  • They email coupons to ExtraCare members for additional savings.

2. Walgreens
This store is my second favorite because you can easily accumulate 5,000 points by purchasing certain sale items each week.

3. Rite Aid
By far, this store offers the least incentives for me. You have to spend so much money to start earning rewards. Here is why I rarely shop at Rite Aid:

  • You have to spend $250 to earn 10% off and the discount only applies to Rite Aid brand products.
  • If you do not earn a certain amount of points per year, the points reset to zero at the beginning of the calendar year.

Which store is your favorite? Do you agree with my rankings? Please leave a comment below.