The Saving Guru’s Weekly Steal 8.24.14: Kids Clothes at Target

First, I apologize for the late post.  I’ve had a super busy weekend with a sleepover, kids sports, and a baby shower.

I know some children go back to school tomorrow, while others start after Labor Day.  If you still have to pick up some last minute clothing items, Target has buy one, get one 50% off kids clothes thru August 30th.  No coupon code is required.


Spend $50 get free shipping on select at

The Saving Guru’s Weekly Steal 8.10.14: No Taxes! And oh yeah, I’m back!

I‘m back!  You may have thought I disappeared into the abyss, but that is not the case.  Well, I’m expecting (again) and the first trimester completely zapped my energy supply.  Actually, the second trimester too.  As with many bloggers, I am a one woman show.  If I don’t do the work, nothing gets done.  One day, I’ll hire an assistant (smile).


Only a handful of states offer sales tax holidays for back-to-school clothes, computers, and supplies.  What exactly is tax exempt depends on the state.  A few of the states include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.  If you are fortunate enough to live in Maryland, the list includes much more than clothes & shoes for the kiddos.  Diapers, yes diapers are tax exempt too!  Surprisingly, so are bridal gowns.  For all of you Marylanders, check out the complete list of items you can buy without paying taxes from August 10-16th.

Also, the tax exemption applies to online purchases too.  Don’t forget to use Ebates and earn money while you shop!